It's role-reversal time. Stop treating the opposite sex like pure gold. They are not the prize you are! 
This mistake is the all too common, almighty flaw that many men and women possess when they search for potential mates. They believe that the most logical thing to do to
acquire love is to be too nice and treat their target like the ultimate prize.
That couldn't be farther away from the truth. Attraction is a figurative reciprocity that must inevitably take place a balance. You must put yourself in the psychological mindset that you are the prize you're the man.
Now, I strongly believe that if you adopt this mindset before you undergo the actual process of Facebook Sex online dating or online gaming, you will experience about ten times more success.  
Personally, I remembered the first time the game began to click for me on FacebookSex it was the moment I realized that all my actions began to become completely natural.  I had been doing pickup for so long that the prize frame of mind consumed my mind; I was confident, funny, charismatic, and powerful all the qualities I had wanted to be.  I strongly believe that if everyone adopted this frame of mind, I would be writing books on how to not get sex!

Portraying this is very important.  If you portray that you are the prize incorrectly (by acting too arrogant...) then often you will be hurting yourself more than helping
yourself. David DeAngelo popularly employs the cocky and funny attitude by mixing arrogance with humor this is a way to portray that you're the prize in a positive manner. 

So What Are You Trying To Tell Me?
What I'm trying to say is rather simple.  If you optimize your profile with the tips and strategies I outline, you will be looked upon as much more desirable than ever Start by Joining the Face book of Sex Today for Free.


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